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Creative Studio: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Our team consists of multidisciplinary art directors and video experts who can be deployed in the field at any moment, as once again, timing is everything. We also have a professional audio and video recording studio in our Paris offices.

More than ever, an idea needs to be visually expressed with impact. Vectors' integrated creative studio meets this need for visual content, whether static, animated, or even interactive. 
Our services:

Graphic creation: social media, design, illustration, infographic, print 01

Branding and visual identity 02

Shooting and editing short videos (video stories, interviews, video loops, etc.) 03

Shooting and editing long videos (reportage, documentary) 04

Live video shooting (shows, announcements, press conferences, round tables, etc.) 05

Motion design and creative animation 06

Design and recording of podcasts or other audio content 07

01/ Viparis


Creation of a three-episode documentary series to Enhance Employer Branding and Talent Engagement.

  • Direction
  • Video shooting
  • Editing
  • Project Management

As part of a three-episode documentary series, Viparis partnered with Esteban Herrault, a Viparis employee and Paralympic athlete, to capture his intense preparation for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. The project aims to highlight perseverance and excellence in Paralympic sports.


  • To showcase the journey of Esteban Herrault, emphasizing his determination and rigorous preparation.
  • To strengthen the employer brand of Viparis through inspiring and engaging content.


  • Producing a mini-documentary series, combining intense training sequences and personal interviews.

Website Creation and Digital Experiences

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