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Data and AI: The Engines of Your Future Success

With years of R&D and innovation, we offer a unique product and approach in the market.

We can provide extremely detailed analyses on positioning, campaign performance, and our clients’ image tracking. Beyond strict communication issues, we generate additional revenue or new business models around data. 

Our expertise encompasses data collection and management in all its forms (public web data or internal company data in strict compliance with GDPR), natural language processing, artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, and data visualizations.

Concretely, thanks to algorithms developed within Vectors, we can determine who is talking about you (age, gender, socio-professional category, interests) or any subject, how (sentiments, qualifiers) and with what impact. We have built our own tools for interactive visualization, in both 2D and 3D. We specialize in deep semantic analysis and image recognition through our own AI models.

Our services

Crisis analysis or opinion manipulation studies 01

Audience analysis and community profiling 02

Competitive benchmarking on social networks 03

Thematic or sectoral analysis on social networks 04

Detection of employee ambassadors on social networks 05

Analysis and formatting of internal company data 06

Big Data analysis of the press and your PR impact 07

Barometers, sites, content, experiences based on data video and data visualization 08

01/ Energy Sector

Energy Sector

Integrating Big Data Potential into Communication Strategy.

  • Data Science
  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Opinion analysis

Big Data, combined with AI, opens up powerful and exciting prospects for the Communications Department. It enables a better understanding and targeting of their audience, market trend analysis, and personalized messaging for maximum impact.

These technologies provide innovative ways to measure campaign effectiveness, predict consumer and stakeholder behaviors, and optimize communication strategies in real time.

Vectors supports the Client with its Big Data and Monitoring divisions.


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