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Monitoring: Knowing and Understanding Despite the Noise

Monitoring and analyzing the reputation of companies, institutions, and leaders is more complex than ever today. Beyond the increasingly significant volumes of data exchanged daily, the diversity of platforms, the hardening of opinions, and outright disinformation maneuvers make constant and effective image monitoring indispensable.

What our monitoring enables is to steer your communication as close as possible to your direct environment. Concretely: detecting weak signals, crisis management, long-term reputation tracking, detecting communication opportunities, analyzing the competitive landscape, sector analysis, community analysis, etc.

The monitoring and social listening department at Vectors has unique methodology, symbiosis between the most powerful tools on the market, proprietary tools developed in-house, and, most importantly, precise and personalized human analysis. 

What we offer is neither a continuous stream nor a simple snapshot of the outcomes concerning your organization, but rather deliverables, whether occasional or regular, designed as decision-support tools: detection, in-depth research, detailed analysis, and action recommendations.

Our services:

Regular or occasional monitoring 01

Real-time alerts (email, WhatsApp, etc.) 02

Periodic reports 03

Sector analyses 04

Competitive analyses 05

Community analysis 06

01/ Retail


Comprehensive and Diverse Social Media Monitoring.

  • Monitoring
  • Big Data Analysis

When facing international and multiple challenges, with thousands of customers and tens of thousands of employees, online conversations represent a significant and dizzying issue.

We have implemented expert and multilingual monitoring (including nights and weekends) to steer a real-time marketing and communication strategy.

This monitoring is complemented by our data division, which allows for longer-term studies on major topics, overall account performance on social networks, and the structure of communities.

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