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Our approach

Corporate Impact and Digital Diplomacy at the Service of Your Communication Strategy.

01/ Corporate impact
Corporate impact

Empowering Large Companies and Their Leaders with Transformative Communication.

The issue of corporate speech is now, more than ever, tightrope act. On one side, there's an increasing indifference, even distrust, among all audiences towards any form of institutional speech. On the other, there's an expectation for the undeniable societal role that companies must play. This is evident through their commitments, the evolution of their professions, and of course, their communication. 

For over 10 years, Vectors has been assisting the biggest groups across all sectors in developing corporate communication strategies to meet this dual mandate.

To make our clients' voices heard and influential, to communicate their key issues to all their stakeholders.

To bring to life their commitments as actors in society; commitments that transform the world.

And this through all vectors:

Activating digital speech, but also more traditional forms (PR, events, etc.).

Animating channels by both corporations and spokespersons, including leaders, experts, employees, and influencers; key to maintaining a stable, comprehensive image.

02/ Digital diplomacy
Digital diplomacy

Elevating Institutional Digital Communication to a New Dimension.

tweet, TikTok video, or an Instagram carousel skillfully broadcasted can go global and have an immediate and unique impact in terms of both soft and hard power. More and more decision-makers and public institutions have realized the strength of unbridled digital communication. 

To any public or international institution, digital communication tools—especially social media—offer powerful yet controlled opportunities for speech.

Over the years, Vectors has specialized in this digital diplomacy:

A combination of analysis, agility, precision, and rigor for stakes that tolerate no error.

Integration of our historical expertise in innovation and creativity for modern diplomacy.

03/ Our clients
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