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Internal Communication and Employee Advocacy: Amplifying Your Voices

Like with leadership communication, we believe that embodiment provides credibility, sincerity, and the necessary understanding to corporate discourse. Vectors has developed method combining the detection of high potentials via data, training and onboarding, and personalized support. 

Large groups have a pool of employees, talents, and sharp expertise at their fingertips, deserving of recognition and support. Employee advocacy cannot be decreed; it must be nurtured, valued, and tailor-made.

We view it as a virtuous approach for everyone, succeeding in convincing employees through meaningful projects for them, not just operations that benefit the company.

01/ Renault Group

Renault Group

Transitioning from a Purpose to a Belief.

Following its strategic plan, the Renault Group unveiled its new Purpose in April 2021. For this strategic shift, the Renault Group chose to collaborate with Vectors. To bring this new CSR strategy to life, we proposed making some employees its ambassadors:

A mechanism for co-creating and amplifying employee testimonials from around the world, across the Group's five brands, to embody this purpose, demonstrating how it materializes in their daily work.

Employee involvement is a crucial lever in both internal and external communication today.

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