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Leaders and Thought Leadership Communication: Persuade and Embody

Embodying your organization's voice maximizes your influence. This is partly because audiences pay more attention when an individual speaks, and partly because influence works in a system: leaders, corporate, employees, partners.

Therefore, it's essential to organize and coordinate your leaders' discourse to carry your strategic vision and engage with new audiences, both externally and internally—your primary influencers.

Vectors has developed unique expertise in strategic positioning and daily management of communication, particularly digital, for leaders and institutional figures. 
Our services:

Strategic positioning advice for leaders 01

Operational onboarding of leaders 02

Operational management of their speaking engagements 03

Production of rich and innovative content (videos, audio, Q&A, op-eds, etc.) 04

01/ Banking Institution

Banking Institution

Breaking the Mold to Become the Most Influential Executive Committee on Social Media.

Vectors assists the Executive Committee leaders in:

  • Defining their digital communication strategy.
  • Establishing their presence on social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  • Providing daily operational support (content suggestions, assistance in creating audio and video content, highlighting events, announcements, and speeches).
  • Delivering reports.


  • Consistent growth in the influence of their accounts on social networks.
  • Highly qualified audiences on topics favored by each leader.
  • Ecosystem-based communication involving the entire executive committee.

Press Relations and Public Affairs

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