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Social Media, Copywriting, and Influencers: The Content Challenge

Beyond just managing the mechanics of engagement and mastering the functionalities of used networks, social media management should enable a brand to connect with current events, know how to respond, seize speaking opportunities, and detect the early signs of crisis-prone topics to limit reputation risks faced by active communities on social networks.

Here again, our approach is as integrated and creative as possible. Vectors is indeed a specialist in all professions and skills related to speaking on social networks and managing influencer relations. We rely on our editorial, design, and video teams to offer you ambitious, innovative, and engaging content strategies with high added value.

Vectors offers the design and implementation of social media strategies that enable you to embrace all your communication topics: finance, CSR, innovation, corporate mission, employer branding, solutions, and services. These strategies aim to shape and enhance these aspects in the most integrated and conversational manner possible. Our approach is based on deep reflection (and always unique data approach) on formats, tone, targets, sponsorship objectives, engagement mechanics, and the involvement and embodiment of internal audiences. 
Nos services :

Social media communication strategy consulting 01

Development of editorial lines and social media graphic charters 02

Support or operational management of social networks 03

Copywriting and creation of rich content 04

Contact and management of relations with macro and micro-influencers 05

Social ads strategy and sponsorship management 06

01/ Michelin


Creating a New Social Media Strategy that Resonates with the Group's Strategic Evolution.

As part of the deployment of its Michelin In Motion strategy and the expansion of its expertise into new industrial activities, the Michelin group wanted to reposition its corporate social networks, particularly by developing differentiated and complementary editorial lines between the corporate Linkedin account, X corporate, and X press.

Our Action:

  • Data audit of the ecosystem: analysis of communities, semantic universe, main themes, formats, etc.
  • Strategic, editorial, and design workshops with the teams.
  • Strategic, editorial, and design recommendation for the repositioning of the accounts.
  • Operational support for the creation of formats and rich content throughout the year.
  • Production of strategic advisory notes on various topics (geopolitical movements, sensitive communication, innovation, etc.)
  • Definition and management of content sponsorship campaigns.


  • Harmonisation of branding.
  • Spectacular increase in reach and engagement on corporate networks.
  • Massive increase in audience on the X Press account.
  • Diversification of audiences towards the desired targets.

Internal Communication and Employee Advocacy

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